Best Part of Waking Up……

Ok, I admit the title is deceiving. I’m not really thinking about morning times…I’m actually thinking and smiling about the evening….right before the light goes out. I’ll explain.

There are moments in your life you remember every year after, I’m guessing until you die. I remember my dad making me watch the moon landing on our little black and white TV. I was 6. I remember when Pres. Reagan got shot and I watched with co workers at the bank where I interned. I was 17. I remember 9/11/01. watching our world change forever as my first baby gurgled and cooed on the floor beside me. Indelible moments and historic.

But I also remember staying up late on Saturday nights, watching old movies on the UHF station with my dad. We thought we invented the MST3K model. I remember laughing so hard my stomach hurt as we made fun of the cheesy films on channel four of five (no cable). I was a teenager. I remember laying my head in my mother’s lap during church services on Sunday mornings. She’d brush my hair with her fingers lulling me to doze. I was 7. I remember the long family trips to Illinois from Tennessee. My dad driving, mom navigating and me and my siblings counting cars and looking at license plates.

Not historical. But memorable and that which colors my memories of my past.

Last night my daughters and I were in bed. My husband was beside me, on his side, eyes closed and quickly nodding off into sleepyland. I was on my side, sitting partly up and partly slumped against my pillows. My oldest comes in and flops face first on top of my blanket covered legs. My youngest comes in, sits in my desk chair and rolls over to put her legs on my bed, crossed at the ankles. It was a Wednesday. We then proceeded to chit chat for about an hour, until I kicked them out because it was a school night.

It was one of the most fun, comfortable, entertaining times Ive ever had. It’s not the first time that has happened. God willing, it won’t be the last. But it is NOT what my experience was growing up as a daughter in the parent/child scenario. They weren’t as numerable.

As I sat there last night, I couldn’t tell you what we talked about really. Their classmates. Their teachers. Gossip about people I don’t know. Wish lists. Coming events. It didn’t matter. We were enjoying each other….and the moment.

Lord knows there is a lot out there in social media world and political world and world in general that do NOT help one’s sense of well-being and self. Sometimes you have to manufacture it. But last night… was organic. And it was good. It was the kind of moment that can give you hope.

What I marvel at today was the truly “smallness” of it. No dramatic information was relayed. No tears were shed. And still it was magical. Maybe I should have led with that….Magical moments still exist. 

In this “pussy grabbing, Nazi loving, racist, anti rights, misogynistic, selfish, sexual harassing, raping, cruel” era of history… human-ness has to pull you through. Those human moments. Magical Human Moments.

I’m looking forward to more of them. Best part of….any day.

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