2015 – The WhiteOut Year–Hopefully.

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Happy new year.

Yeah, I’m about that excited for it as well. But, I have made some goals for this year, anyway.  I’m not calling them resolutions because those are too easy to give up.  No, I’ve made goals.  

Not many.  Not intimidating.  All are accomplishable.  But all need effort.  All require me to keep my eye on each ball.  I think I need that. Come to think of it, that may be the real reason I made the goals.

Sure, I need to save more money.  Of course I need to lose weight and get fit.  And taking more trips to the city are a great way to learn new things and gain more experiences.  But now that I really think about it, I made goals to prove I can.  To prove to myself that though I didn’t come out of the womb “goal oriented or goal centric”, I could learn to go toward them.  So, I made some goals.

One of them is to blog more.  Blog.  What a word.  Did the word even exist 20 years ago? Doubt it. And yet, here it is showing up on a list I created.  It’s a goal, for god’s sake!  Blog. It should keep my mind going, keep the syntaxes…uh…syntaxing.  Good for the brain.

Working out and exercising.  That’s another goal.  Need to do that more.  They say scheduling exercise like a doctor’s appointment is the best way.  Think they say that about writing/blogging too.  Gotta keep all the muscles working.

Travel to Washington D.C. more.  I love that city.  I love the energy, the vibe, the attitude. I love how much you can do for FREE!  I love the history of it.  I live right up the road, but do not take advantage of all the DC options nearly enough.  I need some new adventures.

Save money.  Durrrh!  Who doesn’t need to do that?  But, just because I’ve not been good at it in the past doesn’t mean that I can’t at all.  Just means I haven’t yet.

Wow.  Looking at my goals I  see a pattern.  There is nothing really new here.  They are all things that I should have been doing already.  Didn’t notice it when I was coming up with them.  Just now seeing them in print, I get it.  Maybe that’s what this year will be.  A year of corrections.

Yes, I’ll correct parts of my life by replacing bad habits ( or NO habits) with good ones. This is my WhiteOut year!

Granted  there are other facets of my life  throughout history that I’d like to go back in time and plaster some WhiteOut over and change, but as that’s not possible, I’ll take just going forward from here.  2015 is all new.  No print, no image, no misspellings, no grammatical errors, or errors in judgement.

Ok.  I feel better.  Ready for my goals.  Ready for my corrective year.

2015, I’m coming.

As the clichéd director says, “Once more with feeling.”

Happy New Year!  (Nailed it.)