What Your Costume Says About You…

So Halloween is over.  Time for the masks to come off.  Let’s all be real!!!  (pause for laughter)   Ha.  Yeah, no.  Back to pre-Halloween facades, people.

As a parent, when October comes around, I’ll have friends ask about what my daughters are going to wear Trick-or-Treating.  I’ll answer. And then they’ll ask ME, what I’M going to wear…or more often than not, what I’m going to BE. I usually chuckle and make something up. I stopped trying on Halloween YEARS ago.  But I wonder what that says about me and my life.

This year my oldest decided to be “glow girl”.  Is it a character from a t.v. show or comic?  No.  She, my little artiste, had the idea of black clothes spray painted with glow in the dark paint with glow sticks hot glued on it.  Great idea, but…will it work?   Oh…and WHY that?

Meanwhile, my youngest decides on being a peacock.  (pause for time as I try to figure out my reaction to the news when she told me.)

Honestly, for Iz…I get it.  A peacock is actually the PERFECT choice for her and her personality.  She puts it all out there and is proud and secure and confident in all that she is.  It’s not really scary..except for maybe the intensity, but it is who she is. Ok, done.

Glow girl?  Maybe that is who Soph is as well.  Mostly incognito, indistinguishable from her surroundings except for some really bright and interesting parts SHE decides to highlight.  She’s in control of what you see about her.  Yeah…that works.

So, what about me?  Rip Van Winkle?  Could totally use about 100 years of sleep right now.  Alice in Wonderland?  Waiting to finally get back to the “real” world I envisioned for myself when I was 22?  Bride of Frankenstein?  Frustrated, angry with really bad hair? Naaaa.  I guess my costume is just me.  Comfy pants, a loose shirt, fuzzy slippers.  Yeah, that’s my costume..for now.  And I’m good with that.  Heh, what does that say about me?